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Debbra Schembri

Ultimate Focus Coaching

The Ultimate Focus being YOU

Your Happiness & Success

After doing thousands of consults with people for more than 30 years I have discovered the key to being able to really live the life of your dreams –and that is holding focus and staying committed to your personal journey.

Many high achievers are great at taking care of business.Creating, manifesting and weaving amazing lives, however the down side can be burnout - or missing out on their own personal happiness.

Life can be so busy and it is easy to get distracted. Running businesses, working, having families, maybe even being a coach or guide for others can leave you little time to focus on what's next for you, your personal journey.

Even if you have time you still need focus and commitment to self, which can be a challenge to hold, it’s so easy to stay in the comfort zone.

The years tick by and we can keep putting ourselves on our “ to do list “

We are programmed to believe we “should” be strong enough and smart enough to do it alone, we put on our super woman cape, sometimes we fly and sometimes we hit the wall.


Trying to be all things to all people is so common for women, sacrificing ourselves along the way. With all the work we have done on ourselves we can feel we “ should “ be able to work it all out.

I'm here to tell you that you don't need to do it alone, that's the old patriarchal model ! This is the new era of collaboration and co-creation and I am here to be an experienced guide and mentor on your support team.

Change-makers, leaders, healers, women from all walks of life, you know that when we are on a committed path of evolution there is always more.

If you have done workshops and seminars you know all too well that it can be hard to hold the gains made when we get back into our usual life.

Being in a group has its place but can leave us still wanting more. 

Is this you ?


Let me help you with living the life you truly want 

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If you are feeling called to focus on yourself and would like to have it all, this is a safe and sacred space to review and delve deeply into what you want and need to be happy and fulfilled, now moving forward in your life.

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